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Role models can have a huge impact on all of us.  It can be extremely inspirational to have someone positive and supportive to look up and ask for guidance.   

You can be a 16 year old school leaver or a Chief Executive; at some point someone special will have inspired you to reach towards your goals! 

We want to help bring about significant culture change so that it becomes commonplace that girls, wherever they live and whatever their social background, get the chance to shine.  

Now is your chance to get involved!

We are looking for the residents of Crewe to nominate a local person that they would describe their role model; this can be a teacher, a GP, a neighbour, friend or relative. We would love to hear your stories.

Each nomination will then be celebrated (with permission) on social media and the shortlisted women will be celebrated with their name being added to our “fly high” flag that will be made and flown at our Crewe Women’s day event in March 2020.  

Here is how to nominate!

To nominate someone please either use the link below:

or send the answers to the following questions via email to:

  • Name of person nominating.
  • What is your email address?
  • Who are you nominating?
  • What is their email address?
  • What is the best contact telephone number for the nominee?
  • Please explain why you are nominating them.

*In order to celebrate our local role models, by submitting a nomination you are giving us authority to contact you to seek permission to use the details within your submission. Nominations close 1st February 2020.