donations matter


For each donation that we receive, we can show you how it is spent, where it goes too within the Charity and the much needed support it provides.

We do not charge for our services, so your donations matter.

£10 Donation

This donation would support our weekly social meet ups, that help combat loneliness and isolation. The groups range from walking groups to reading groups. It is a time for people to come together for a couple of hours a week, a place they are supported and guided into a situation they wouldn't normally feel comfortable with.

£25 Donation

An hour of peer support. We provide several different support groups with Motherwell, anxiety groups, to new mum groups. These support groups of for women in similar situations to come together in a support environment and a space for them to talk openly about their feelings.

£50 Donation

An hours counselling session. We provide up to 30 hours a week of free counselling to women who need support and are not in a position to pay for private sessions. This counselling service is a vital part of Motherwell.

For further information on the above services, please see the relevant web page.