Bright Stars


Referral Criteria – Area Remit

Must live within 20 minutes drive of chosen area: Crewe and  Winsford.

The Bright Stars mentoring program, is our intergenerational program that helps combat isolation throughout all our service users. 
The program recruits women over the age of 50, who all have two things in common; valuable life skills and experience, combined with a natural desire to nurture. We realised these qualities could benefit and inspire our younger generations of women who wish for a mentor of their own. Each volunteer is provided mentoring training, Forever Mums and Forgotten Mums training. This training provides each volunteer with knowledge of what some of our service users have been through and how being a mentor can help them. As a mentor you would be matched with a woman from either the MUM Support Groups or the Believe Project.
Part of the mentoring program is to build the mentors  own confidence and provide them with a sense of value. We encourage our mentors to take part in our own WellBeing program, this provides opportunities to meet other mentors and service users and to build on relationships they have already grown within Motherwell Cheshire.
If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please email