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Cherry Blossom Infant Loss

Sadly not all pregnancies result in a happy ending. One in four women will suffer a miscarriage during their lifetime so infant loss is all too common. Cherry Blossom also helps support women who have suffered ectopic pregnancy, termination for medical reasons, IVF set back, a stillbirth or a neonatal death (in the weeks or months following birth).

Complex feelings of grief are sometimes too much to endure. This is where Cherry Blossom can help. We offer:

1:1 Counselling

These sessions are for those who are not yet ready to talk publicly about their loss. All of our counsellors are accredited in infant loss and want to listen to your experience.

Group Sessions

These are facilitated by a trained counsellor who is experienced working with infant loss. It also offers you a safe space, with other bereaved parents, who have shared a similar experience and who will be better placed to understand your pain.

Health Mentor

Infant loss is such a traumatic experience that sometimes it is difficult to get your life back on track. Our health mentors are on hand to help support you get your health and wellbeing back to where you want it to be.

Home visits can be arranged to support you at this difficult time.