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Motherwell Cheshire is a registered charity (1173554) based in Crewe and Winsford and is expanding its services to support girls aged 14-18 within the Inspire Project. The Inspire Project provides counselling and is funded by BBC Children in Need.

Counselling is a safe and non-judgemental space to explore thoughts, feelings and emotions which may be linked to past or present experiences. It is a place to make sense of yourself, be curious and find better ways to cope with what is going on.

Inspire provides an initial assessment to ensure that counselling is appropriate for you, and if not we can signpost to local agencies that may be more suitable. Inspire offers up to 12 sessions of counselling. There is no right or wrong way to be in counselling, the sessions will be tailored to each clients’ individual goals or aims.

Our outcomes for the service are for girls aged 14 to 18 years to:

1) Feel more positive about themselves 

2) Have improved relationships 

3) Feel more able to cope

If you are 14-18 years old, experiencing any of the following, and not being supported by any agencies such as CAMHS, please contact our referrals team:


Low mood













Often these feelings are linked to a difficult experience such as negative relationships, abuse, trauma, loss/bereavement, high and unrealistic expectations from self or others, bullying, or isolation. They may not seem connected but exploring through counselling can help make connections. Sometimes you can develop unhealthy coping strategies such as:


Risky relationships

Self – Harm

Poor relationship with food

Controlled eating



Isolating yourself

Intrusive thoughts

Negative self talk

Avoiding route cause


These can then reinforce the feelings and emotions listed above and it becomes a cycle difficult to get out of, that you may not even know you are in.

Counselling can help you develop perspective on your experience and enable you to create more healthy options to cope with your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

We also offer girls and women of all ages the opportunity to be involved as volunteers. Please contact us for more information.

Contact To refer yourself or someone (with their consent) please contact our Referrals Team – or 01606 557666.