Our befriending service will be unique as the service will offer: The same volunteer to make the calls. The volunteer will know all about other local support in their community, by linking in with local initiatives focussing on Covid 19 support.

As and where required we will also be able to offer some support with shopping etc, for those not able to leave the house due to social isolating or classed as a vulnerable group, with no one else to support them. This service will be provided by paid members of the team following all Covid 19 Guidelines to keep all parties safe.

To make a referral into this service we have stream lined our application form.

Please also note we are not currently taking any more referrals for our counselling service.

To make a referral into our new befriending service please email: 

Referral Criteria – Area Remit

Counselling – Crewe and Winsford (CW1, CW2 and CW7)

New Life and Me – open to Crewe, Winsford and surrounding areas (see below)

Mentoring – Crewe and Winsford

Surrounding areas:

Crewe (surrounding areas) – Nantwich, CW5; Sandbach, CW11; Middlewich, CW10; Tarporley, CW6.   

Winsford (surrounding areas) – Northwich, CW8 & CW9; Middlewich, CW10; Tarporley, CW6.                 


During the present Corona Virus outbreak we are unable to deliver our usual Wellbeing Programme. However if you want to connect with us on our FACEBOOK pages and join our community of women in sharing experiences, please send a FRIEND REQUEST to Debbie Motherwell Cheshire CIO.

MUMS uniting MUMS is about empowering women to support themselves and other women. Supporting each other on the mothering journey. Each stage has its on difficulties and our groups help support you to manage your emotions as you enter different stages of the mothering journey.

Aims for Mums Groups


For mums with children up the age of approximately 2 years. Creche available at the Crewe groups.

By the end of this 7 week course we go away with:

  • An awareness of coping strategies to manage  your anxiety and depression.

  • Techniques to help to build on self belief and self esteem Recognise the positive changes in yourself.

The 7 weeks will consist of:

1) Expectations versus reality of Motherhood

2) Parenting styles

3) Our support networks

4) Managing our emotions

5) Effects on our relationships

6) Increasing our self esteem

7) Meet our mentors


This group is for mums balancing work life balance or those thinking about going back to work but unsure how they will balance everything. We will also support you with looking for childcare and your rights as a mum when working

By the end of the 6 weeks you will leave with:

  • Coping strategies to provide you with a work/ life balance.

  • Understand the importance of self care

  •  Recognise the importance of a positive support networks

The 6 weeks course will focus on:

 1) Introductions/ expectations of the group

2) Bullet journalling

3) Managing our emotions

4) Support networks

5) Effects on our relationships

6) Relaxations techniques


This group is for mums who children are no longer living with them, or whose children are no longer dependant on them. It will focus on the sense of loneliness and lack of purpose.

  • By the end of the 6 weeks you will leave the group with:

  • Positive outlook for the future

  • Strategies to help with changes along the motherhood journey

  • Recognise importance of self fulfilment

The 6 weeks topics will focus on:

1) Expectations and reality of children growing up

2) Where has our self belief gone?

3) Finding yourself again

4) Effects on our relationship

5) Relaxation techniques

6) Plans for moving forward.

Mum Support Groups

New Life and Me

Enquire for more details

Mindful Mums

Enquire for more details

Pause for Thought

Enquire for more details

Whatever stage of the mothering journey you are at, we are here to support you, don’t suffer in silence!!!

Email or call our referral hotline on 01606 557666.

How we have helped our clients

Back in 2015 I welcomed my first beautiful little girl into this world. I was only 18 and just like any new mum, didn’t know what to expect from motherhood. I suffered from post natal depression which, unfortunately, went undiagnosed. I struggled through and got myself on a good path, I started college doing childcare and got pregnant with my second beautiful little girl who I welcomed into the world in 2018. Postnatal depression hit me again, but luckily this time I had the wonderful help of my health visitor who recommended and referred me to Motherwell’s new life and me course. I am so grateful that she did, the course changed my outlook on not only motherhood, but life as well. I was going through a tough breakup with the father of my girls, I was not only adjusting to life as a single mum, but to a life I had never imagined leading. I went from having someone I could rely on for help when I was feeling low, to having to do it completely alone. A household that went from always being full, to having time on my own when the girls were with their dad. I didn’t know what to do or how to cope. Attending the course allowed me to talk and discuss all the emotions I was going through. I realised that how I was feeling was normal, and that it was ok to feel how I did. Talking to the ladies that ran the course along with the other mothers who attended was an incredible help. I went from feeling helpless, to feeling like I could achieve anything. Since doing the course, I have applied to go to university to become a primary school teacher. I have managed to mend broken relationships with family and the father of my children, and overall I am in much better place mentally, and I know I could not have got to this point without the help of Motherwell.