Bereavement and Loss Training - Erda

Bereavement and Loss Training, delivered by Diane Earl

Friday 31st January 2020

10am – 4pm

STAR House, Wharton, Winsford, CW7 3JJ

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● To learn about different models and theories related to Loss and Bereavement.
● To gain a greater awareness of the impact of loss.
● Through participating in small group discussion – learn how theory informs practice and can provide a roadmap when supporting others.
● To gain greater awareness of some of the factors that can complicate the grieving process.
● To be able to identify when to refer on to specialist bereavement services.
● To be more confident when working with others and in understanding personal reactions to grief and loss.
● To review where participants are in their learning and to signpost to further resources.

Kate Blakemore Training

Working in a Trauma Informed Way, delivered by Kate Blakemore

Friday 14th February 2020

10am – 4pm

STAR House, Wharton, Winsford, CW7 3JJ

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Training delivered by Kate Blakemore, MBACP Post Graduate Dip. Counselling, BA Hons Bus Man.

The training will help provide a clearer understanding of trauma, how trauma can impact on relationships, and best practices for trauma support.

More details to follow.

Louise Brown Gender Sexuality

Gender Identity and Sexuality

Friday 17th April 2019

3.5 hours

Address TBC

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  • The session will be interactive and contain lots of opportunities to share knowledge and experience. As this is an area that is always changing and adapting to new ideas the most important thing is to come with an open mind and honest curiosity.  The training will look at: 
  • different ways in which gender identity can be constructed, read, chosen, assigned and performed
  • gender as non-binary and what this may mean for individuals and society
  • how constructions of gender can impact on our understanding of sexuality
  • familiarisation with different aspects of sexuality and a range of sexual identities
  • current debates surrounding gender and sexual identity and explore associated issues that may be relevant to counselling work with individuals, including: family relationships, shame and additional vulnerabilities.


Motherwell Cheshire has a team of mental health specialists with experience of training and teaching, our tutors are:

Kate Blakemore – Motherwell CEO (Diploma in Counselling, Diploma in specialist IVF counselling, BA(Hons) Business, Award in Education)

Alison Hollingworth –  Motherwell’s Young People Lead

Debbie Sharrad –  Motherwell’s Wellbeing Co-ordinator (Degree in Teaching)

Wendy McCandless – Motherwell’s Believe project support worker

We offer informative, interactive training to empower managers and their teams to help support the mental health and wellbeing of their staff and themselves.

Our training sessions include:

The 5 ways to wellbeing are:

  1. Connect
  2. Keep Learning
  3. Be Active
  4. Give
  5. Take Notice


This learning focuses on:

  • The 5 ways to wellbeing and how they can be implemented within the workplace and personal lives.
  • Producing individual wellbeing plans
  • Understand how each point supports positive mental health

At the end of this session you will:

  • Have your own wellbeing action plan
  • Understand your own trigger points
  • Plan of what could be implemented in your workplace to support mental health

This training focuses on:

  • How to look after staff teams
  • How to offer ourselves self care
  • Creating a work culture where everyone takes responsibility for their own positive mental health
  • Recognising the signs of anxiety and depression


At the end of the session you will:

  • Have the knowledge of how important self care is
  • Leave with own self care plans
  • Understand your own triggers for stress/ anxiety

This training focuses on:

  • How to use basic listening skills to build rapport and trust
  • The importance of promoting wellbeing and health
  • Understanding signs and symptoms of key mental health conditions (anxiety, stress, depression)
  • Who is available to signpost to


At the end of the training you will :

  • Have increased listening skills to support your team
  • Recognise signs of stress, anxiety and depression within your team
  • Know how to respond appropriately to mental health issues presented by team members
  • Understand local and national organisations that are available to offer support

We also offer a range of two hour awareness sessions, these are charged at £180 per 2 hours (plus possible travel costs).


The awareness sessions include:

  • Supporting and understanding infant loss
  • Supporting and understanding the menopause
  • How to support mums returning to work after maternity
  • Supporting and understanding grief

Wellbeing workshops are available for employers to offer as part of an ongoing wellbeing programme. These can include:

  • Managing sleep
  • Relaxation and resting
  • Managing anxiety


All of the above are 2 hours and charged at £180 per session (plus possible travel costs)

Price and Commitments

Half day training £350

Full day training £600

This includes all handouts, access to the resources online and follow up if required.

We are particularly interested in supporting all organisations to embed positive mental health and wellbeing in all aspects of the workplace.