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The life of a working mum

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I was asked to write this a while ago and am just sitting down to it at 11:15 at night, whilst feeding the baby and doing some volunteer moderating. There’s a saying “If you want something doing, ask a busy person” … yes, I’m busy…and yes, I (usually) get things done!

So what do I do? I work part time, in 3 different roles for the same employer. I run my own very part time business. I volunteer for two different organisations. I’m a mum to 3 under 5s (well, the eldest just turned 5, but anyway…!)

How does my week look? Something like this –


7:20 Get all 3 boys dressed & fed. Make packed lunch

8:30 School run

9:15 Diddidance with the 3 year old

11:30 Nursery run

12:00 A bit of time for working at home / volunteering/ looking after the 8 month old

3:00 School and nursery pick up

4:00 Play with the kids, reading homework, tea and bedtime around 7 (for the 5 year old anyway!)

8:00 Working from home for 2 hours.


8:30 School run,

9:45 Playgroup with the younger two

12:30 Working from home

3:00 school run

4:30 Running Rainbows

6:15 Running Brownies

8:15 Home, by which time the kids (except the baby who comes with me) are asleep.


7:20 Kids up, make packed lunch

8:30 School and nursery run

10:00 Office day,

3:00 School and nursery run (unless there’s a late meeting)

5:15 take the 5 year old to his swimming lesson

followed by the usual bedtime

8:00 Working from home


7:20 Get the kids up, fed and packed lunches made

8:30 School run

9:45 Rhythm Time for the youngest two

12:15 Home and amuse the 3 year old and baby

3:00 School run (again!!)

4:00 Gymbobs

6:00 Volunteering for 3 hours and maybe work.


7:20 Get the kids up, make packed lunch

9:00 Swimming with the 3 year old

11:30 Nursery drop off

12:00 Baby to swimming lesson

1:15 Down time or working from home

3:00 Final school and nursery pick up for the week!

4:00 Play / food / bedtime etc for kids.

7:00 Work until bedtime


10:30 Dance for the 5 year old

12.30 Amuse the kids until the usual evening routine


9:45 Church (if we can!) and be mum, then

9 til midnight-volunteer

Start over!

To add to that, my husband works nights so is out 9.30pm – 8am or if he has an early start, usually at weekends, he’s out from 6.30pm. My eldest is under a physio, so has exercises to do as well as the reading homework from school. My 3 year old is under a paediatrician, SALT and dietician, so lots of appointments.

I’m definitely a busy person – it may seem strange, but I’m keen to take on more work! And yes, I feel guilty. Guilty for not being at home more, guilty for not always engaging at home, guilty I’m not there at bedtime on Tuesdays, guilty that with 3 none of them get quality individual time, guilty that if one of my kids needs me I drop the volunteering, guilty that if the baby needs feeding he still comes into work to be fed, guilty that I try to leave work in time for the school run. I’ve concluded feeling guilty is a big part of being a mum!

It won’t always be like this – they will all go to school soon enough and then I’ll have more time to work in the day, more evenings free to be mum. Perhaps it’ll be a better balance, or perhaps there will be more to feel guilty about?

I will never regret my children, I’ll never begrudge the time I spend with them, but now I’m working I also don’t intend to give that up again. When I started working, in my variety of roles paid and voluntary, I found a me again. A me that wasn’t just ‘mum’. Not that ‘just’ mum isn’t OK, but that I’d done that and lost who I was, and now I’ve found me again. Not a complete me – a very fragmented multi-faced me; I have to be as a big part of me has to stay ‘mum’, but a me I can live with. A me who is busy, guilty, and getting on with life. Who worries that perhaps work means she’ll miss bits of being a mum, but who knows that to be a really good mum I have to be ‘me’ too!