Suicide, Stigma and Support

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When a celebrity takes their own life, it can be a time of mixed emotions for those who are suicidal.

You see, people will say you are strong for having resisted – for still being alive – but to you it doesn’t feel that way. You are weak, too afraid to complete the act.

The reason you get such mixed emotions is because you are incredibly sad for the loss of a wonderful life, but at the same time feeling jealous that you wish it were you who were strong enough.

Trying to quell suicidal thoughts is a mammoth task, and for some people, having that end plan in place is the way they go about their every day lives. For me, this is the ONLY way. Knowing I have an escape plan, a back up, a ‘just in case’ plan.

Celebrity suicides are becoming a more common occurrence, and no one is immune. Robin Williams. Chris Cornell. Chester Bennington. Caroline Flack. Following each of these deaths, ‘chain mail’ post circulate on social media showing mental health ‘support’. I, personally, find these posts to be pointless. The loose promises to ‘be there’ from the high school bullies, and the social media whores who shared the media’s bullying of these celebrities prior to their deaths, and trolled them online. You would be better sharing practical advice on HOW to yet help, and WHERE to find it!

We see pictures of the last shared posts/pics/videos that the celebs posted before taking their lives. They say you’d never know, and that a smile is plastered on to hide the inner torment, and to this I agree.

Let’s flip it though. Let’s pretend they hadn’t taken their lives. If they had talked to someone about their problems and it hit the press like the news of their death did. They would be labelled ‘attention seeking’, ‘exaggerating’, ‘drama queen’, and accused of ‘making it up’. Money = happiness right?

Do any of those phrases sound familiar? Not everyone we meet is compassionate and honest, so we have to keep these feelings locked in tight.

Finding the right person to talk to is important. Counselling at Motherwell allows me to be open and honest about my feelings without judgement and reprisal. I get to let all those feelings in my head out, and know they are valid. Ongoing, permanent counselling is the only thing that works to keep my feelings at bay. The release to someone who understands and is impartial is invaluable.

If you’d like to access affordable counselling with Motherwell, please email This is open to everyone aged 18+ and priced at £25 per 1 hour session payable in advance.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact your GP, A&E or call 999.