#CheshireGirlsCan is a new campaign all about raising awareness about the sport opportunities girls and women have in Cheshire and encouraging everyone to #beactive.

Have you ever felt there was something stopping you from being active? 

Whether it be gender stereotyping in schools or menopause; can’t find a place for your child to swim or can’t find a venue to hold classes; need more volunteers to run or struggling to get girls to attend – whatever the barrier, we want to hear from you.

Our Aims and Objectives

We aim to break down barriers to women in sport. We aim to encourage local women and girls by showcasing local examples in the hope that they will be inspired to become active themselves.

We will create a collaboration of local sports groups, sports women, and all those in Cheshire who want to help us break down the barriers.

We will also aim to act as intermediaries for all the Women in Sports group via our newsletter. 

Encourage sports groups to promote the benefits of their sport through the lived experiences of their players. 

This will also be complimented by videos and interviews we will be making for social media content.

This will initially be done via our social media campaign.

To work with schools to ensure barriers are not created at an early age.

To work with high schools so they can offer a variety of opportunities for all genders. To help high schools educate girls on periods and sport.

To work with Everybody gym in providing menopause cafes, and through these teaching women how to work with their bodies through exercise. 

To educate and encourage parents and to show them the full range of activities available to their daughters, not restricting them to gender stereotypes.

To promote acceptance of women working in sport, locally and nationally across the board.

🎖Introducing our Cheshire Champion Scheme🎖

We want to celebrate girls and women that are active, by posting what local girls and women are achieving, whether they have just joined a new group/club 🤼‍♀️ or whether they scored the winning basket at the weekend ⛹️‍♀️, all achievements are worth celebrating 🎉

If you want to tell us your achievement or someone else’s, email 📩 where further details can be discussed.