Counselling is a way to explore your thoughts, feelings and concerns with the support of another person in a confidential place. The counsellor will listen to you, offer support and help you to understand your feelings. Counselling provides a place for you to explore ways to make changes in your life which can lead to more positive well-being. You should be able to talk about whatever you feel you need to in the sessions. 

For example, it can be a place to simply offload, work towards a goal or explore more complex thoughts and feelings.

Are you feeling low, overwhelmed or anxious? Do you feel like you have no-one to turn to?

Perhaps you’re trying to come to terms with a traumatic and deeply upsetting life event such as a difficult labour or birth, miscarriage or still birth?

To access our services you can either self-refer or ask a support worker to refer you. Our services include 1-2-1 counselling sessions, a six-week programme, peer support and creative support groups.

Sessions take place with our highly trained professionals who will support you and your family every step of the way.

Our counselling sessions are available by appointment only and take place at Motherwell HQ, Nantwich Road, Crewe and STAR House, Winsford.

If you would like more information about accessing our services please email or call our referrals helpline on Tel: 01606 557666