#IAM Youth Board

Our #IAM Youth Board is about young girls encouraging, inspiring and empowering other young girls. 

Our Board is made up of volunteers aged 14-19. Our volunteers are passionate about mental health and the well-being of other young people. 

They are shaping campaigns, creating merchandising and assisting in creating our Inspire Magazine. 

Our volunteers are also given the opportunity to train and qualify as Mental Health First Aid Ambassadors. 

Our project aims to encourage and help other young people with their mental health & well-being, enabling safer and stronger communities. 

We give young people the opportunities to gain good transferable skills, life  skills, build  a  network of  useful connections & gain  improved  mental  health & well-being.

Are you aged 14-19 and living in Crewe, Winsford or the surrounds? If so, read on!

Things you can do as part of #IAM

  • Take part in groups
  • Assist with design / content for Inspire Cheshire newsletter
  • Share social media content
  • Design and produce merchandise
  • Learn about market research and sales
  • Take part in our mental health first aid training
  • Fundraise and assist with events

What you will get out of joining #IAM

  • Experience for your CV
  • Good transferable skills
  • Life skills
  • Building a network of useful connections
  • A reference
  • Staff support
  • Peer support
  • Improved wellbeing
  • Self-confidence
  • Business skills (optional)
  • Fundraising skills (optional)
  • Event planning skills (optional)
  • Mental health first aid skills (optional)