We are busy planning a fantastic Women’s Day event for 2021…this page contains information for potential stallholders

What format will next years event take?

In light of covid, we are unable to hold a physical market. The event itself will be virtual. We will be live on Facebook, which will allow us to host talks, workshops and live performances. Our market will be linked to from the Women’s Day group, and will run in a dedicated linked event.

When will it be?

We are combining our events in 2021 and running from 6th-8th March. Our market will run 5th-8th March and will be left open after 8th March so people can continue to browse.

What do you get as part of the market?

An album to display as many images as you wish. A dedicated half hour slot between 6th-8th March to use as you wish-this may be by going live to discuss your business/show your products, or by posting graphics – it’s your choice. There will also be regular posts in the event referring o the marketplace, which you are welcome to comment on, as well as posts in the marketplace as well which you can comment below.

We will produce an electronic guide to our marketplace which will include your Business name, slot and social media link / website. We will also share your links on our social media in the build up.

What is happening on 5th March?

We want to start our Women’s Day Celebration with a Purple Friday. This is a chance for any local business that is booked into our marketplace to share their special offers and discounts. Only discount / offer posts will be allowed on this day. 

How much is it?

We are asking for a fee of only £7.50 to take part in 2021. Charities will remain free.

What next?

To make an enquiry about booking, please fill in this form. We will get in touch to let you know if your enquiry has been successful and arrange payment. Please note that you may have to wait a few days for a response as we work part time.

We will try not to duplicate stalls; if stalls are similar we will put you on different days.

For those who were part of the cancelled Ellesmere Port event

As promised, your booking will be carried forward – please fill in the form to ensure we have up to date details and know you still want to take part.

Would you be interested in being part of our Women’s Days organising committee?  

Can you spare a few hours to help us organise the days?

Do you have new ideas that you can bring to the team?

We would love to hear from you.  Drop us an email at events@motherwellcheshirecio.com

Sponsorship Opportunities

Click on the photo above for details of our sponsorship packages

Why sponsorship? 

  • Motherwell Cheshire are a local charity that sits at the heart of the town. 


  • Women’s Day events are organised by committees of reps from each town


  • Our charity receives no government funding – which allows us to address local  issues 


  • The Women’s Days not only support Motherwell Cheshire but also local schools,  women in business, local performers as well as other local charities that support  women and girls.