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Each stage has it’s own difficulties and our groups help support mums to manage their emotions as they enter different stages of the mothering journey. 

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Jasmine - New Life and ME

Back in 2015 I welcomed my first beautiful little girl into this world. I was only 18 and just like any new mum, didn’t know what to expect from motherhood. I suffered from post natal depression which, unfortunately, went undiagnosed. I struggled through and got myself on a good path, I started college doing childcare and got pregnant with my second beautiful little girl who I welcomed into the world in 2018. Postnatal depression hit me again, but luckily this time I had the wonderful help of my health visitor who recommended and referred me to Motherwell’s new life and me course. I am so grateful that she did, the course changed my outlook on not only motherhood, but life as well. I was going through a tough breakup with the father of my girls, I was not only adjusting to life as a single mum, but to a life I had never imagined leading. I went from having someone I could rely on for help when I was feeling low, to having to do it completely alone. A household that went from always being full, to having time on my own when the girls were with their dad. I didn’t know what to do or how to cope. Attending the course allowed me to talk and discuss all the emotions I was going through. I realised that how I was feeling was normal, and that it was ok to feel how I did. Talking to the ladies that ran the course along with the other mothers who attended was an incredible help. I went from feeling helpless, to feeling like I could achieve anything. Since doing the course, I have applied to go to university to become a primary school teacher. I have managed to mend broken relationships with family and the father of my children, and overall I am in much better place mentally, and I know I could not have got to this point without the help of Motherwell.

Self esteem improvement

+4.2 increase in Wemwbs scores