Our Wellbeing Programme provides online support through Motherwell Cheshire’s Facebook group, Our Motherwell Community.

This online group is where we are running our Wellbeing program from, where we are building our Motherwell community, providing workshops and free activities for you all the be involved in.

The group is a place to meet new people and to share worries, anxieties and most of all our achievements. The group is not limited to service users of Motherwell and is open to anyone.

Each day we provide a different topic or support for you to be involved in, free interactive groups. Our wellbeing coordinator Debbie is here for any questions you may have on the program.
We also set up a LIVE CHAT, WEEKLY with the choir and MONTHLY reading groups.
Part of this group is our Multicultural Connect Group ran by Ijeoma which is held every other week. A different topic is covered in the group, where open and honest discussions take place, most recently they have discussed the lessons learnt from the lockdown. It was a practical talk and discussed as women of ethnic minority and how it affects our mental health. 
We look forward to our next group discussion try and join us every fortnightly as we rob minds together and discuss things that affect us as multicultural women in our community see you on 05/04/2021.

What's on this week...

WellBeing Groups

Park Walk Social Group

Starting back FRIDAY 30th APRIL.

Come and join us at our park walk social group, starting again at Queens Park in Crewe at 10 o’clock.

COVID restrictions are in place and we ask all who attend to follow government guidelines.


New Life and Me Drop In.

Caroline will be over on our New Life and Me group providing a drop in session for you to join her and new mums from the local community.

This group is ran from the group and is with the ‘rooms’ section on group. Only members of the group can join this room and you can keep your own identity hidden if you please.

If you have any questions on this group, please email Caroline on, caroline@motherwellcheshirecio.com.

Motherwell Cultural Connect Group


Our Motherwell Cultural Connect Group, is ran by Ijeoma, also know as IJ.

The group is here to connect women and girls from the multicultural ethnic minority groups within Cheshire.
The group provides a  safe place to discuss issues that affect you in our community, find support with your mental Health and Wellbeing.

WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN!! You are not alone in it come and be heard in an atmosphere of trust, confidentiality and a great sense of humour.

To join this group  please head over to Our Motherwell Community group on Facebook, you will have to then go into ‘rooms’ on this group, you will see listed MCC room and please press join. This group is held fortnightly on a Monday. If you are not a member of Facebook, you can still access the group, please contact IJ.

If you want to speak to Ijemoa before joining this group please email her on ijemoa.Ezeda@motherwellcheshirecio.com.

Please go take a look at her video over on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Our workshops....

WellBeing Workshop – Improving self Esteem and Self Worth

Tuesday 14th April 
  • A better understanding of self-esteem and self-worth and how you can build this within yourself
  • The understanding that you DO have all the abilities and you ARE worthy

To book please click here.

Journal Making Workshop

Tuesday 20th April

Join Lynne with our journal making workshop.

This is a free online workshop, you will only need using A4 paper, old magazines, wrapping paper, card, large needle, wool/strong cotton, glue and scissors.

Click here to book onto the workshops.

Come and join our FREE workshop!

Join Dawn from Sunnyview Flowers for our flower arranging workshop.

This is a FREE workshop open to 15 members of the community. Please register you interest over on our Eventbrite page.

This is open to people in from Crewe, Winsford and surrounding area with 3 mile radius.

Click here to book your place.

If you have any questions on our workshops or the wellbeing program, please contact our WellBeing lead, Debbie on either, wellbeing@motherwellcheshirecio.com or text/call on 07496 160939.

See our images below from different activities within the WellBeing program.

calls made from our Befriending service, which was set up within days in March 2020 and ran for 32 weeks.
Attendees at wellbeing groups in the year to Sept 2020

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