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We are always looking to welcome members to our Motherwell Cheshire Team.  If you feel that you have the skills that would benefit our charity and would like to find out more about Motherwell, please contact us for an informal chat. You can either call the office on 01606 557666 or email hr@motherwellcheshireciocom.

The Motherwell Cheshire Team

My passion in life is to support and inspire women and girls of all ages throughout the mothering journey. As a trained counsellor who has needed counselling myself in the past, I talk openly about my own struggles having suffered an ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. In my experience, we have been repeatedly failed by inadequate and disjointed services so my goal is to ensure that the voices of women will finally be heard in the mental health system. Women and girls with complex mental health problems, especially those who have suffered abuse and violence, are in need of specialist support and this cannot be purely clinical. This is why I set up my charity Motherwell which offers community-based projects for vulnerable mothers – giving them access to a support network and bridges the gap in services for women’s wellbeing across Cheshire. My charity is run by women for women and is open to all mothers, whatever their stage in life. I’m a strong believer that information empowers people and I work hard to drive forward change so that our voices are heard.

I am a mum of 3 children 1 daughter and 2 boys, I have been with my partner 23 years. I am passionate about the towns that our charity works in and like to feel that we play a part in the being the heart of the community. 

I love reading, hence my reading section on my website. Since 2018 I have been open water swimming and love it, it has really helped my own mental health. 

My other passion is talking, I love finding out about people, their stories fascinate me, hence my podcast and you tube channel.

I would love to hear from you if you feel we can work together in anyway, please do get in touch.

What I do:

  • Champion women and girls locally, by promotion on my social media platforms and local events 
  • Promote all aspects of mental health that impact women and girls by offering a full range of training
  • Promote equality for women and girls by taking part in local and national groups and blogging about the impact
  • Continue to develop myself to offer a therapeutic safe space for all my clients

My name is Abbi and I’m one of the counsellors here at Motherwell. My counselling journey began when I sought some support myself. It was through working with my own counsellor that I realised I wanted to pursue this career. As a result, I took night classes in Level 2 and Level 3 Counselling, then went on to do a degree in Person-Centred Counselling through the University of Derby.

When it comes to looking after my wellbeing, I like to tap into my creativity. I like journaling, creative writing and drawing. I also enjoy gaming as a way to de-stress and inspire new creative ideas. One thing that always calms me down is lo-fi music – I recommend Lo-Fi Girl on YouTube/Spotify!


Let’s hear from Abbi


I have spent many years as a counsellor and facilitator. I have been counselling and supporting both young people and adults for most of my career. In a 10 year period I reached out to over 10,000 young people & 1,000 adults, per year, with my education programme, running my own charity, supplying both adults & young people with information to make informed choices.

Over the years I have been involved in lots of voluntary work, raising funds and developing within different charities. In February 2019 I volunteered in The Gambia working in the Women’s Centre and in primary schools. I am focused on empowerment & passionate about people and their mental health and wellbeing. I have struggled throughout the years with my own mental health issues which started with the loss of my son, Rory, in 1992. It has been a journey, a battle, and because of the support, counselling, mentoring and love I received, I have survived. I am extremely proud mum to my daughter, Keziah, who is an artist and musician living in London. 

Winning a couple of awards for my work in the community including Merseyside Woman of the Year 2017, it was a massive honour & privilege (to be honest, I was gob smacked) when I was placed on the list of Merseyside’s 100 Inspirational Women on International Woman’s Day 2019 – “Women Who Speak Out”.  I am passionate about everything that Motherwell stands for and I love my role as Operations Coordinator for the many different Motherwell Projects… Thank you!

Let’s hear from Ally

Hi – I’m Carryn! I’ve been a volunteer counsellor with Motherwell for just over 3 years now, and have really enjoyed being able to help so many people in that time. I started as a placement counsellor whilst I studied, and qualified last year – it’s been an amazing journey so far.
In my own time I like to curl up with a good book, the cat, and a blanket. I also really enjoy getting out walking, I find the outdoors has a way of hitting my reset button and helping me to relax.

My name is Carys and I am one of the counsellors here at Motherwell. Studying Psychology at university initially sparked my interest in mental health and I’ve been passionate about supporting people in their mental health and wellbeing ever since.  I studied Psychotherapeutic Counselling at Staffordshire University and prior to becoming a counsellor, I worked with young people in a variety of settings.

When thinking about my own wellbeing, I use the ‘stress bucket’ analogy. Our ‘stress bucket’ can be filled up by things that worry or stress us and when the water gets near the top, we might sometimes start to feel overwhelmed. To keep the bucket from getting too full, I make space for activities which can drain those stresses like yoga, arts & crafts, and meditation. My favourite free mediations are by The Honest Guys on YouTube –

Let’s hear from Carys

Hi my name is Laurel, I am one of the Young Person counsellors here at Motherwell. I have a passion for supporting young people and helping them in finding their voice. When I am not counselling I can be found spending time with my family on adventures, I also love to travel and explore new places.

My counselling journey started when I sought my own support, through this I realised that I would like a career that allows me to support others. I have since completed my degree in Person-Centred Counselling through the University of Derby.

I am a mum of three beautiful children, all mostly grown up, that does not mean I’m not wanted! In my experience it’s a job for life! I’ve been a mum for over 30 years and experienced all the emotions, highs and lows, of being a mum! Looking forward to the next chapter!

I’ve worked as a teacher in some shape or form all my working life. I also worked as a Nanny to 3 young boys. I used to work with young women in supported accommodation, supporting them back into education, work, volunteering and training, so I’m very aware of the ‘Mothering Journey’.

I work mainly behind the scenes, coordinating the Well-being Days, Workshops and courses, but love to be front of house, interacting with our mums and families whenever I can.

Let’s hear from Debbie

My name is Donna, and I was delighted to have joined Motherwell Cheshire as the Believe Project Lead/Support Advocate. The Believe Programme is very unique. We aim to be the “Voice” of Mum’s whose child/ren are subject to a Child Protection Plan. Within my role, I am able to offer emotional and practical support including accompanying Mum’s to all Social Care Meetings. 

In my previous role  I have supported young people for over 20 years within the Education Sector.  I have devised and delivered Resilience, Anger Management, Mental Health strategy programmes for young people. I set up and delivered a parent support group, which enabled parents to support their children who were experiencing mental health and emotional difficulties. 

I’m Georgie and I am the Inspire Energiser for Motherwell Cheshire.
My main passion is creativity, and I love encouraging others to use their own creativity to express themselves and improve wellbeing.  I have my own experience with some of the issues that impact some of the young people in our community, including living with a complex mental health disorder, and being a cared for child and care leaver.
I hope to use my life experience to encourage young women and others in the community to build confidence to speak up about the issues that they face, as well as using their voice to create positive social change.
Let’s hear from Georgie

I’m Jude, I’m a Counsellor and look after the Cherry Blossom services which support parents who have unfortunately experienced Infant Loss or Birth Trauma. 
Together with Lorna & Alex I run online peer support groups for Infant Loss. I am hoping to start a group to support Birth Trauma later this year.  Please contact me if you would like any more information. 
Whilst I’m not passionate about exercise, I am passionate about supporting those who have experienced Infant loss and Birth Trauma, so this year I will be completing a virtual walk from Lands End to John O Groats to raise funds and awareness. 
You can follow my (slow) progress on social media and if you have a few pounds can donate now.
Let’s hear from Jude

I am a mother of two very independent, head strong girls. 

My journey at Motherwell started with myself volunteering, just a couple of hours a week to get me out of the house.

I needed a couple of hours to myself, adult conversation, to think about something other than being a mum. I didn’t realise how much of myself I had lost being a stay at home mum, I didn’t think mentally I needed anything more, I was wrong!

Previous jobs I would say, I didn’t enjoy but went to, just to make a living, we all can get stuck in a rut career wise.

Motherwell made me realise work isn’t just a job, it is a place I enjoy coming to and a place I am proud to say I work for.

My role as Community Hub Coordinator, based in Crewe and Winsford. The women I work with are some of the kindest and most supportive women I know, their acts are only to help people and to support them.

Let’s hear from Nadine


The Trustees

I have recently retired after 35 years in primary education. My teaching career spanned the primary age range in schools located in areas of social and economic challenge. My last 23 years were spent as Head Teacher / Principal  at Underwood West Academy, Crewe.

My time at Underwood West presented many challenges and periods of change but was an incredibly rewarding experience. In my professional role I always found my personal experience as a mum to 3 daughters fundamental in helping to build positive and empathetic relationships  with children and their families.

As a former Head Teacher I have first- hand experience of the benefits of working together with and for our community to allow all the opportunity to aspire to be the best they can be and achieve their full potential.

In recent years I have become a registered volunteer and fundraiser for Marie Curie and in 2014 I undertook a trek across the Sahara Desert with my daughters to raise funds for the charity. I also support with fundraising for the Maggie’s charity.

I hope to use my experience and skills to actively support the future development of Motherwell.

I have recently retired after a 34-year career in medicine. Throughout that time, I have had a variety of roles across the UK with a range of communities, mainly as a GP. A common thread throughout that time has been a focus on women’s physical and mental health recognising the vital role women play in their immediate and extended families and in society more generally.

As well as being a GP, and a mother of three children, who are now embarking on their careers across the UK, I have also held the role of Governor at two primary schools.  I am married and have lived in the northwest for the last 20 years. My hobbies include a love of the outdoors, fell walking, keeping fit and gardening.  I am a beekeeper and a novice Ukulele player.

I am excited at the opportunity to be involved with Motherwell and the team and hopefully to add value to the many unique services that it offers in Cheshire. 

First and foremost, I am the mother of 2 daughters and I’m more than familiar with all that being a mother brings including both through the happy and challenging times.

The oldest unbelievably is now reaching the age of 40 herself!! I have been lucky to have a supportive and hands on husband and we have been married for over 40 years. My hobbies are bee keeping, travel, and until recently delivering WSET National accredited wine qualifications for over 25 years. I am also a keen photographer selling these on the top 6 online sites to fund my hobby.

Both daughters have children of their own which I have supported, and I continue to support them in raising. (1 girl and 2 boys the oldest now being 17 years).

In 2020 I was fortunate enough to take early retirement and felt I would like to use my skills and knowledge gained from working over the years with the corporate, public, charity and none for profit sectors to contribute to an organisation which has a strategy and goals which are based on the key areas close to my heart.

I have watched Motherwell CIO from afar grow and develop over the years and I am proud to have been accepted onto the board of Trustees.
My background in the corporate world is in Human Resources (specialising in training and development) and as such I was a Chartered Member and Graduate of the Chartered Institute for Personal and Development (CIPD) working at a national level, and I am also a qualified adult education teacher. I am skilled at both writing programmes for and delivering nationally accredited qualifications as well as setting up and running profit making training centres.

Over my time in my self-employment business, I have taken 2 businesses from a standing start into profit and to eventually turning over a 6-figure sum. As part of my retirement plans, the teacher in me means I have continued to contribute to my own personal development and have a gained a CELTA (Cambridge English Language Teaching Adults level 5). Which I plan to use one day.

I retired a couple of years ago but have over 30 years experience of working in social housing.  I have a B. Soc Sc (Hons) degree from The University of Birmingham and a Post Graduate Diploma in Housing Administration from Sheffield Polytechnic.  I am also still a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing.

I have spent the majority of my working life in mid-Cheshire and hope that my skills, together with my work and life experiences, will help to further develop Motherwell.

I am married with a grown-up step-daughter and an 18 year old daughter who is studying in her second year at University.  I feel that I can understand and appreciate the many issues facing mothers and the services that are needed to support them. 

I am a solicitor and have worked in Family Law for more than 30 years. I specialise in dealing with Domestic Violence matters and matter affecting children, especially those in Care. I have recently attained my Higher Rights Advocacy and am now representing children in the High Court in matters relating to Deprivation of Liberty.

Outside my professional life I am a passionate Soroptimist, belonging to an international group of women who work to Educate Enable and Empower Women and Girls throughout the world.

I became involved with Motherwell as a result of the first International Womens Day event, and am happy to work with them to support the women and girls in our local area.

I am a young professional that works in logistics for a large online retailer, I met Kate when looking for charities to fundraise for and really fell in love with what Motherwell Cheshire does in the local community, and the values it represents. 
I struggled with self belief and worry growing up, as did many of my peers, the Inspire project pulled me in so that I could help others who feel the same as I did. As I’m getting older, more of the projects and work Motherwell Cheshire does is starting to resonate with me more as I go through the different stages of being a woman. 
I hope that I can use my experience as a younger person living in the local community to help support the charity grow.

I have worked for Barclays Bank in IT since 1985 in various roles and locations. I spent the first 18 years in technical roles and for the past 13 years I have been in team leading roles. I have enjoyed every role and had some fantastic experiences along the way. A particular highlight was the opportunity to build out teams in Singapore and India a few years ago, and visiting the teams a number of times; enjoying the cultural experiences that brought.  One of the aspects of team leading I enjoy most is developing people and seeing them grow in their careers and personal lives.

I became involved with Motherwell via two routes in September 2016 – 1) through our chair-person Shirley and 2) through Cheshire Connect via Barclays.

I have been able to use business and life skills to help Motherwell as part of the newly formed Board with the specific role of Treasurer. Going forward I also want to help in a more hands on way and not just attend monthly meetings as I have reached another stage of my own mothering journey.

I am married with one son who is now 18 and a signed player at The New Saints, Oswestry. I am an immensely proud Mum and for me, this has been my biggest achievement in life. I also love swimming, reading, travel and spending time at our caravan in North Wales.

Another big part of my life is supporting and visiting (at least once a year) an orphanage in Kenya – the children and community are part of my extended family.

So… why Motherwell?  Having (very unexpectedly) suffered from Post Natal Depression 18 years ago after my son was born and there being very limited – actually no – support, I really felt drawn to Motherwell.

Being emphatic is key to truly understanding the challenges that women can go through as a Mum and my own experiences are a massive driver to be part of an organisation supporting Mums to ease or overcome a number of issues.

I believe in the goals, strategic direction and brand of Motherwell;  and the desire to help Mums at various stages of their own journeys.

Patrons and Ambassadors

Sir John Timpson was educated at Oundle and Nottingham University.

The Timpson family business, founded by Sir John’s great grandfather in the 1860’s, was taken over in 1973, but 10 years later Sir John led a £42m management buyout.  In 1987 he sold the shoe shops and concentrated on building the shoe repairing and key cutting business, which has diversified into engraving, watch repairs, dry cleaning and photo processing.

Timpson now has over 2000 branches nationwide, including the Max Spielmann, Johnsons the Cleaners and Snappy Snaps brands. The Group has a turnover of over £300m and profits of over £20m.  It is a private business wholly owned by Sir John Timpson and his family. Timpson is recognised for its creative approach to employee engagement and innovative work helping ex-offenders – it is the UK’s most active employer of people from prison.  In 2018 Sir John chaired an expert panel that made recommendations to government on future plans for Town Centres.

Sir John was married to his wife Alex for 47 years.  He has talked openly about his grief over her death in 2016.   He has five children Victoria (50), James (46), Edward (44), together with Oliver (43) and Henry (30).

Sir John and his wife were also foster carers for 31 years, during which time they fostered 90 children.

In 2000 he wrote ‘Dear James,’ which passes on to his son James, now Timpson’s CEO, the lessons learned in 25 years as a Chief Executive.  A management maverick, he describes his business philosophy in ‘How to Ride a Giraffe’, ‘Upside Down Management’ and ‘Ask John’. ‘High Street Heroes’ was published in 2015 and ‘Under Orders’ is the diary of a racehorse owners’ husband.  His latest book, ‘Keys to Success’ gives 50 tips from a management maverick.

He has a weekly column in the Daily Telegraph.

In 2004 he was awarded the CBE in the Birthday Honours List for Services to the Retail Sector, and in 2017 he was awarded a knighthood for Services to Business and Fostering.

We are proud to announce that actor Sally Carmen has become patron of our Believe project.

In Coronation Street, Sally’s character ‘Abi Franklin’ represents the amazing women that we support.  These mum’s are very often misunderstood, living with mental health conditions after experiencing traumatic events, with a lack of appropriate support.

Sally is an established actress, who attended the LAMDA drama school in London.  Some of the roles she is best known for playing are Kelly Maguire in Shameless and Abi Franklin in Coronation Street.

It is a great privilege to have Alexis Redmond as our Women’s Day patron.

Our Women’s Day celebrations are all about celebrating and inspiring local women and girls.

Alexis was a natural choice with her local links to the Cheshire community and her obvious enthusiasm for our celebrations which aligned so well with her chosen theme for her year as High Sheriff. 

With her background in the television industry, culture and the arts, she firmly believes that events like ours contribute significantly to the health and wellbeing of all those involved.

We look forward to working with Alexis and seeing the days growing and developing over the years. 

“The work Motherwell does to help protect the health and wellbeing of mums, family and community is so important, and to do it through these great fun events is inspiring.

“I look forward to supporting the Women’s Day celebrations and the clear stated aims of Motherwell and I encourage people to come.”

Also known as Grandma Williams, Joyce has travelled the world, written books, been a Physio & TV Presenter. Now in her 80s and blogging about the fun and nonsense of being ancient in a modern world and experiencing everyday ageism in all its glory!

“Becoming a patron of Motherwell in my 80s seemed so relevant to my own life. A single mother, depression, eventual career, widowed and now leading a campaign for a positive view of life’s later years. Always with good friends to support me, it reflects the heart of what Motherwell is about. Meeting the needs of women by women helping each other at whatever stage of life.  Love the Intergenerational aspect too. Such support is essential at all stages of women’s lives and this charity has created a super system to ensure that it exists. Very well thought through and organised. I am proud to be its patron.”

Keziah is a multi-disciplinary artist living in London creating work spanning music, spoken word, theatre and film.

Through a queer gaze her practice looks at; connection, injustice, intersectionality, rebirth, intimacy & loss… A nod to the past with a hopeful look towards the future.

Inspired by the Liverpool scene of Beat Poets in the 60’s and working-class political uprisings, her show ‘Ausual and Other Illusories’ debuted at the Last Word Festival in 2018. 

Some other work includes: writing and developing ‘An evening with Carrie Fisher’, poetry performances at; Citadel Festival, Liverpool Light Night and Phoenix Artists Club as well as working regularly as a singer, backing vocalist and collaborator.

Keziah’s second show ‘Matriarch’ is currently in development with additional supporting projects due to commence in 2022. 





We also have a team of volunteers that help support the peer support groups, counselling service, drop ins, social media support, office duties, Well-being Days and all the admin work.   The teams are based in Crewe, Winsford and across Cheshire.

If you wish to find out more about being a Motherwell Volunteer, contact us for an informal chat. You can either call the office on 01606 557666 or email hr@motherwellcheshireciocom.