Motherwell Club

Can you support the work of Motherwell by giving a regular donation of just £10 a month? If so, please consider joining our Motherwell Club. 

Alongside supporting the work of Motherwell, being a member of the Motherwell club brings you a number of benefits.

Benefits of the Motherwell Club

As a member of the Motherwell Club, you will receive:

Access to our exclusive Facebook group, through which we will share content especially selected for you.

Free use of our library – we have a range of books in our office which we will allow you to borrow free of charge.

A Little Book of Sparkle- designed to provide you with a guide to the 5 ways of wellbeing.

10% off entry to any event run by Motherwell.

Half price access to our new range of wellbeing workshops.

Half price treatment at our wellbeing days.

Access to the range of resources in our members only section of the website – please read on to find out more about the resources available.

Do you find it difficult to limit negative self-talk? That nagging voice that has you feeling like nothing you do is good enough?

Maybe you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and often losing your temper at the slightest thing?

Alongside the services we offer at Motherwell, our downloadable worksheets can help you manage and overcome these feelings and beliefs with practical techniques you can use at home.

It’s quick and easy to join our member zone where you can access our latest downloads. Please email for more information or to join the Motherwell Membership Club.