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September Wellbeing Month

September sees Motherwell launch their #wellbeingmonth and for the month will be looking at ways to support mothers of all ages and at all stages. From baby to teens, from teens to leaving the nest, from leaving home and beyond. 

Once a mother, it seems September becomes the new “New Year”, it’s the ;

  • first year for our children whom turned three – off to Preschool;
  • first year for our children whom turned four – off to Reception;
  • new year in education for all children aged five to eleven;
  • new school for our children whom turned eleven – off to High School !!
  • New year in education for all children aged twelve to eighteen and possibly beyond!
  • New start for mothers returning or starting work after maternity leave or parental leave;
  • new start and new year for Grandmothers whom look after grandchildren;
  • new year for mothers whom work in childcare and education;

and really who stays up anymore every 31 December to see the “New Year” ?! Most of us are up and at the school gates/before-school club/childminders/bus stop, possibly in a sad but proud state, potentialy looking forward to the class or two of wine at the end of the first day, so it seems this is the new “New Year”.

With new beginnings it is important we look at ourselves and wonder about our wellbeing.

You may have had days of sorting uniforms, shoes, pe kits, book bags, stationary, etc, juggling the cost of it all and then realising – particularly here I’ve now three in Primary School as the youngest started Reception Year – the spending has hit 3 figures!

If we were to take just 10% of that too, to spend on ourselves, what could we get?

  1. You could get a new top – although if you like me, likelihood is it hangs in the wardrobe awaiting the “special occasion” to for it to be worn.
  2. You could purchase new books, dvds, perfume, craft items, new knitting patterns, the list for ideas of items can be limitless however remembering this purchase is for you, not the children, nor the house lol
  3. You could join an exercise class or low-cost gym – after all this is your new New Year!
  4. You could start a healthy eating plan – then countdown to the Christmas drinks, feasts and treats.
  5. You could message or email us at Motherwell and book one or more treatments at the Wellbeing Days. As this is your new start, why not book a time slot for each month, this is time for you, time to relax.
  6. You could buy a term-time diary and schedule yourself some “me time”, perhaps continue this each month, meeting friends for a chat, reading a book uninterrupted, quiet long bath time…. 

 With new beginnings it is important we look at ourselves and wonder

about our wellbeing.

Hope this goes some way to support and inspire others