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Realities of Motherhood

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Motherhood is a daily learning experience.

Motherhood is not loving every moment.

Motherhood is the toughest job.

Motherhood is about that one or a couple of new Mummy friends that are genuine, caring, supportive, rather than a bunch you feel lonely with.

Motherhood is a title it doesn’t define you, remember the woman in you.

Motherhood is days where you juggle the guilts of “nothing days”, a day fueled on caffeine possible paracetamol and a lot of tv for the children.

Motherhood is having a one day holiday – Mothering Sunday.

Motherhood is refusing to stress about things that cannot be changed nor controlled.

Motherhood is wishing a superpower to clone oneself.

Motherhood is having a house full of shiny smiles before shiny floors.

Motherhood is finding shortcuts like using the overflow of bubbly bath water from splashing to mop the bathroom to tick off the to do list.

Motherhood is beautiful when hearing the name Mummy from a young one.

Motherhood is nothing more annoying than the name Mummy from a young one.

Motherhood is not a battle against other mothers.

Motherhood is your own journey, each mother is unique.

Motherhood is advice from others : once filtered to what’s best for your family can be great.

Motherhood is knowing not to work for perfection and recognising your worth.

Motherhood is realising you’re stronger than you think.

Motherhood is being outnumbered by ratio of your children.

Motherhood is at times stepping out of your comfort zone.

Motherhood is seeing yourself in your child.

Motherhood is finding out that food can send a child of any age into a rage.

Motherhood is seeing your parents become grandparents, seeing your children get away with far more than you did when that age!

Motherhood is the happy moments in between the shouting and arguing