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Making the most of the Late Hours

What are the LATE HOURS you ask? It’s the time after all kids are asleep, partner has gone bed, piece and quiet fills the house and this is Time For Mums!

You could say it’s a great time for a mum to go bed, but no that’s certainly not the case for all.

I do this and I know to those that go bed early or even at a resonable time this seems to have no reasoning nor make sense. You could question am I not tired – answer yes I am – do I go bed late as get up late – answer no I don’t. 

When days are full of others asking or needing us to do something for them, at work, in the family, at home, it does make sense to squeeze an hour or two for yourself. 

From moment those in the household wake, and particularly school mornings can be full of –

“Mummy where’s my other shoe?”

“Mummy can you do my tie?”

“Mummy I need read this book”

“Mummy I’m still hungry” 

“Mummy he’s annoying me tell him stop it”

“Mummy where’s my water bottle?”

Oh and so many more and that’s just the start of the day!

When days are full of work hours, household jobs, children’s needs, and many more duties and responsibilities, it does make sense to squeeze an hour or two for yourself. 

As the day continues, so do the demands of your time and so do the stresses. The day can be full of –

The tasks at work or chores at home.

Time management requirements to get through the day.

Additional jobs that you must do that day.

The continuous worries of your child’s welfare.

Days where your head is full of thoughts, negative thoughts, things that you need remember.

Why stay up for the LATE HOURS you ask? It’s the prime time – this is Time For Mums! It really does make sense to squeeze an hour or two for yourself each week. 

Not required each night, although great to have a couple a week! This is why I do it –

  • I can choose something I’ve needed to do for a while, or just something new, that needs time, concentration, commitment and quiet.
  • It’s easier to get the work I need to do from home in these hours, with noone needing me for any of their needs.
  • Great time to watch those chick-flick movies that others in the house won’t watch.
  • A lovely quiet and calm time to chill listening to music or reading a magazine.
  • Such a peaceful time, it’s just nice to tip-toe into the kids room to see them sleep!

There are many more reasons why other Mums do this: time to soak in a warm bath, time to quietly read a book, time to reflect or plan, time to do an exercise programme at home, time to clean preferring to do it when a quicker pace can be used with no distractions, time to do an online learning course …… What may you use an extra 2 hours for in an evening ??

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