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The Christmas Haze

The days from Christmas into the New Year seem a blur or haze and some what confusing as to what day it is today !?

With 6 days having names of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Bank Holiday, New Years Eve and New Years Day … added to that the baby-brain (even if child is no longer a baby) its no wonder we can struggle to work out the day of the week!

Most of these days; in this household; will be of no routine, buffets and chocolate nibbles, pyjamas, a movie and playing with new toys – adding to the lost sense of the day!  

When weeks of the year are full of routine and rushing, school runs, after school clubs, homework and weekend events, it seems nice to stop for a week and find that time to sit with each child and play and all cuddle together on the settee under a blanket to watch a movie. 

Remembering that it’s not quantity of time for children, a quality ten minutes can be that precious time!

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