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Something New for Me

Let today be the start of something new…

Hello again! Think I need a lot of strong coffee today. Last night was pretty interesting and Julia Donaldson has a lot to answer for…got woken up at 1.30am by my 3-year-old who was demanding “Gruffalo Stew!”.

On a different note it looks like it’s been another busy month for Motherwell Cheshire. I loved the inspirational “Let Today Be the Start of Something New” motto on the Facebook page.

It really got me thinking. Thinking it’s about time I pulled my finger out and started to do something that wasn’t just about the kids, husband or home. Something that was just for me. That’s why I started writing the blog, poetry and stories back in the summer and I do really enjoy doing this but also felt it was important after 3 years to get properly out and about again. Start feeling like a human being, who has hobbies and interests (as much as I love my family dearly!).

I’ve volunteered to help at a kids’ literature festival for next year. Still child-related and it might seem a trivial step for some but it’s something I’m passionate about and think I’d really enjoy.

Even though it’s at the early stages of the application, it felt liberating to have a conversation on the phone with someone who wasn’t just talking to me as a mum. Talking to me as someone with thoughts and ideas and opinions that don’t relate to “what are we having for dinner tonight?” or “how shall I entertain the children today?”. I just bit the bullet and emailed the organisers without trying to overthink “Will I have the skills they’re looking for?” or “Am I good enough for the role?” and “What happens if they call me and I get nervous about what to say and end up sounding like a jibbering wreck?”

 Guess what? I spoke with the person and they were friendly, we even had a laughand I’m really looking forward to the next steps. It’s easy as mums to forget how we were pre-kids.

Easy to forget that there’s a world out there where we can occasionally be a little bit selfish and do something just because it makes us feel good and we enjoy it for enjoyment’s sake. It’s sometimes hard to find the time, with noses to be wiped, dinner to make, tantrums to tend to… but read (or even write!) a book, meet with friends, join a group, do your nails, shut your eyes for 5min when the kids are in bed and listen to your favourite song.

Parenting can be one of most the difficult, stressful jobs in the world which is why sometimes you need a bit of time to just be you.

Even if it’s just for five minutes! Would love to hear what makes you sparkle?