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Inspire Cheshire Launches New Website and Welcomes New Patron

Motherwell Cheshire CIOs, Inspire Cheshire Project’s aim is to break down the barriers girls face on a daily basis together. Helping to build brighter futures through the acceptance of all cultures, race, gender and individuality by eliminating inequality and prejudice.

Inspire Cheshire is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website at www.inspire-motherwell.co.uk.

Keziah Hodgson – Inspire Patron

The site features a forum for girls ages 14 – 19 years old, including the #IAM Board, access to counselling and mentoring.  There is an abundance of resources to help and support, a news and events section, and an online shop with merchandise designed by children in the local community.

“With the recent developments of our Inspire Cheshire project a standalone website was required to help us to expand our reach and to bring this fantastic service to as many young girls as possible,” said Kate Blakemore, CEO of Motherwell Cheshire. “The new website is modern and bright and full of extras we think the girls will enjoy and that reflects our philosophy.”

“The website comes at an exciting time when Motherwell Cheshire welcomes Keziah Hodgson as their Inspire Cheshire patron. Keziah is a multi-disciplinary artist living in London creating work spanning music, spoken word, theatre and film.

Keziah is passionate about outreach and engagement and wants to help inspire others to strive towards their dreams and goals. She believes mentorship, access and tailored support are key and wants to be a part facilitating that through her work and art practice, particularly for young people, LGBTQIA+ people and those with intersectional identities and from underrepresented groups. Motherwell Cheshire invites everyone to explore the new website and to share with their community.