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Motherwell Cheshire CIO joins the 2.6 challenge

We need your help!

Crewe and Winsford’s women and girl’s charity is appealing to the public and local businesses for help as a fundraising challenge launches across the nation.

Motherwell Cheshire CIO is taking part in a lockdown-friendly event which aims to help replace some of the fundraising which has been lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Virgin Money London Marathon alone, which should have taken place on Sunday 26 April, is the world’s biggest one-day fundraising event, which raised more than £66.4 million for thousands of charities in 2019 and for many charities is worth thousands of pounds.

Motherwell Cheshire CIO is an independent charity and receives its income solely through fundraising and donations. This time of year usually sees the start of a large amount of events or activities being held in aid of Motherwell, ranging from swims and walks to cake sales. Understandably, these cannot occur during social distancing. 

As the Virgin Money London Marathon cannot take place as planned, its organisers have created the 2.6 challenge, which is easy for anyone to join in and make a difference, especially for smaller charities.

Every small “event” can add up to something worthwhile. All supporters need to do is dream up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 which suits their skills and donate or fundraise for Motherwell Cheshire CIO from Sunday 26 April, when the marathon was due to take place.

Examples include running 2.6 (or 26!) miles, walking 26 laps around your garden, reading 26 books, bake 26 cakes; the possibilities are endless!

Motherwell Cheshire CIO Chief Executive, Kate Blakemore, will be taking on her own challenge, learning football skills with her boys.  For 26 minutes each day they are practicing football drills provided by We Make Footballers Cheshire.

Kate said: “This is a challenge which is completely out of my comfort zone.  Football and I don’t normally mix but these are exceptional times. 

“All monies raised will go to support the mental health and wellbeing of women and girls in Cheshire. All members of the Motherwell team and our extended family are attempting different activities for the 2.6 challenge and updates can be found on our “Journey of the Wonder Women” Facebook group. The list so far includes:

Freya/Wendy/Joseph/James/Sean – A-Z of challenges, each involving 2.6 or 26

Debbie – learn BSL alphabet and spell some simple words each day

Caroline- Find 26 books each measuring 2.6cm

Nic – BSL alphabet

Jase-cycle 2.6 miles in slippers

Max- 26 star jumps in 20 seconds

Ethan – 2.6 mile bike ride

Kate B – 26 minute football drills each day with sons

Kate S – 26 miles bike ride

Wendy and Paddy – 2.6 mile walk each day

Tracey – walking dog 2.6 miles per day

Marise – 26 tik tok videos

Ginette – 26 yoga poses

Nadine – girls will walk 2.6 miles

Becky – 26 minutes exercise or 26 repetitions per day

Jayne-26 cupcakes bake and decorated, plus plank for 1 minute for 26 days

Valerie-cycle 26 minutes a day indoors until she reaches 26 miles

Angela – Kole and Samuel are cycling 26 miles

Jackie- beat the computer at scrabble 26 times in 2 hours

Dawn-walk, run and cycle a total of 26 miles

Kirsten- 26 limericks

Beata – skip 26 minutes per day

Anne – meditate for 26 hours outdoors

Allison – 26 minutes per day gardening, reading, writing and learning languages

Sue – crochet 26 face scrubbies and donate 2.6 percent of her pension

Siobhan has raised 117 euros for us by walking

“We hope our supporters can join us for the 2.6 challenge. It’s a fun way of helping to save UK charities and protect the future of Motherwell Cheshire, please do join in!”

Hugh Brasher, Co-Chair of MSO and Event Director of London Marathon Events said: “For many of the UK’s charities, the day of the London Marathon is the biggest fundraising day of the year. One of the founding pillars of the London Marathon was ‘to show how the family of mankind can be united’. “We hope that The 2.6 Challenge, which starts on the day our 40th Race should have taken place, will embody that spirit and inspire people, families and communities to fundraise for their chosen charity to help Save the UK’s Charities. Right now, our vulnerable members of society need the help of charities more than ever before.”

For more information or to get involved with Motherwell Cheshire’s 2.6 challenge visit https://motherwellcheshirecio.com/campaigns/