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Motherwell Cheshire CIO Launches FlourisHER Women’s Health Project 

Motherwell Cheshire CIO proudly announces the launch of its FlourisHER Women’s Health Project, a groundbreaking initiative that aligns with the government’s 10-year Women’s Health Strategy and Cheshire and Merseyside WHAM (Women’s Health and Wellbeing) strategy for Women and Girls.

Motherwell Cheshire CIO is a women’s health and wellbeing charity committed to providing support, resources, and education to enhance the lives of women in the community. The FlourisHER Women’s Health Project is a testament to our dedication to promoting women’s health and fostering a supportive and informed community.

The FlourisHER project represents a collaborative and inclusive approach, partnering with Care Communities in Cheshire, including CHAW, CHOC, Crewe, Nantwich and Rural, Winsford, Northwich, SMASH, and Ellesmere Port. Additionally, the project will work in conjunction with key partners such as EveryBody Health and Leisure, Brio Leisure, and social prescribers to ensure a comprehensive and community-centred approach to women’s health.

Key Components of the FlourisHER Women’s Health Project:

Women’s Health Champions: Motherwell Cheshire CIO aims to work closely with each Care Community to establish women’s health “champions.” These champions will serve as vital liaisons, facilitating communication about local trends, screening dates, health events, and changes in GP practices. By amplifying the voices of women in the community, the project aims to identify emerging health trends and needs.

Women’s Health Drop-ins: FlourisHER already hosts women’s health drop-ins every Wednesday morning at various venues, including Crewe Lifestyle Centre, Northwich Lifestyle Centre, Nantwich Library, and Winsford Lifestyle Centre. These drop-ins, often in partnership with other organisations, provide valuable resources and information about cancer risks, signs, symptoms, and support.

Well Women Events: Collaborating with local charities, FlourisHER plans to host “Well Women” events to discuss signs of women’s cancers, the importance of screening, and other health topics. These events, offering women’s toiletries and bra fittings, aim to provide incentive and comfort, with locations in Crewe, Ellesmere Port, and Macclesfield.

Awareness Events: In partnership with Brio Leisure and Everybody Leisure, FlourisHER will organise formal awareness events in Northwich, Wilmslow, and other locations. These events will feature guest speakers specialising in women’s cancers, including cervical, ovarian, skin, uterus, bowel, lung, and breast cancers.

In tandem with the FlourisHER Women’s Health Project, Motherwell Cheshire CIO is leveraging the power of online communities and social media to extend its reach, foster engagement, and disseminate crucial information about women’s health.

Cheshire Women’s Health Hub Facebook Group:

With over 400 engaged members, the “Cheshire Women’s Health Hub” Facebook group is a dynamic platform, welcoming guest speakers, promoting messages from Care Communities, and sharing valuable insights from trusted sources. The group will feature themed discussion days, creating a space for healthy conversations on women’s health and cancers. 

Social Media Campaign – Whole Family Approach:

Building on the success of a previous campaign funded by NHS Cheshire Women’s Health fund, Motherwell Cheshire CIO is relaunching its women’s preventative campaign across all social media platforms. This campaign, addressing signs, symptoms, and preventive measures for cancers, is designed to reach a broader audience, emphasising a whole family approach. Recognising the impact of addressing men’s health issues, the campaign will extend its focus to encompass men’s cancers, fostering essential conversations within households.

Motherwell Cheshire CIO is dedicated to fostering women’s health and wellbeing. FlourisHER Women’s Health Project represents a commitment to community engagement, education, and support, contributing to a healthier and more informed society.