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Period Dignity Kits here for local sports clubs

Bridging the gaps between sports clubs and supporting their teams when they are on their periods.

Motherwell Cheshire CIO, a leading health and wellbeing charity, is delighted to announce their continuous support and helping bridge the gaps between females in sports. We have been distributing our period dignity kits to local sports clubs in Crewe and surrounding areas. These kits are here to provide support to the clubs and the women and girls who play for them.

The kits were made following on from  ex-Liverpool Feds players Rachael Mutch and Jo Murray who created the ‘Just in Casey’ bags for them moments when you are playing your sport and you have not realised you have started your period. We have wanted to give young girls and women the confidence to go to their managers and to ask for their period dignity kits. For these women and young girls to not let their period stopping them from continuing their sports.

We have already handed out bags to several teams, covering all ages from 11 years up, Nantwich Town FC, Crewe FC, Witton Wildcats, Malbank school. We recently attended a football tournament and it was fantastic to see the girls coming forward and talking openly about periods and barriers they are encounting.

These kits are made up of several items, not just period products, they contain hair deodorants, wipes, sanitary bags, hair bobbles and lots more. The kits are made up from donations we have received, and we are ensuring these are being replenished by our stock. If you can help with items for these bags, or know of a sports club that would be interested in receiving one, please contact us on motherwellhub@motherwellcheshirecio.com.