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Social Return on Investment celebrated by women’s health and wellbeing charity

Motherwell Cheshire has announced its annual ‘Social Return on Investment’ figures highlighting how it gives back £millions to the community.

The charity, based in Wistaston, delivered a fantastic £21,318,458 of support to local women and girls in the year up to April 2023, according to its independently compiled SROI report.

Founder Kate Blakemore (pictured) said: “In other words, for every £1 donated, £72 is ploughed back into the community through our activities and services.

“We are dedicated to making a difference and this report demonstrates the value our services bring to the communities we serve in terms of fiscal savings, social value and local economic value.

“When businesses support us, they know every penny is not only well spent, but provides massively increased value to our community.”

One service which greatly supports the community is Motherwell Cheshire’s school uniform recycling scheme. Its Community Share Hub on Beech Drive hands out primary and secondary school uniforms free of charge to any mother who can’t afford to kit out their child – no questions asked. There’s also football boots, coats, baby/maternity packs, fancy dress and prom outfits.

The Social Return on Investment (SROI) report shows 1464 school uniforms were given to those in need as well as 58 pairs of trainers/football boots, 223 coats, 595 baby/maternity packs, 159 toiletry packs and 81 period comfort packs.

Kate, a Crewe mother-of-three, said: “At this time of year the cost of going back to school weighs heavily on families. The fact they can come to us and find uniforms for local schools is a big worry off their shoulders.

“The smiles on the faces of the women and girls we help are priceless.”

Motherwell Cheshire’s mission is to help women and girls meet challenges in life and access support, education and advocacy whenever they need it, in order to fulfil their potential. Encourage, Inspire and Empower is the mantra.

The charity has also delivered £1,491,663 of mental health support to 293 women. A total of 239 women were helped with perinatal depression, amounting to £1,903, 635 economic value delivered.

It created opportunity for 2,432 volunteering hours and gave access to training. Meanwhile its crochet groups, book clubs and menopause cafes are creating long-lasting friendships helping to beat isolation.

Businesses can back Motherwell Cheshire through a range of sponsorship opportunities.  The SROI report is available to any business interested and the charity is very active on social media where new support is warmly welcomed.

Encourage employees to stage fundraisers or take part in planned events such as an upcoming sponsored walk in October.

Donations of clothing and items to the Community Share Hub are gratefully received. It’s open every Tuesday and Thursday from noon to 2pm. There’s also a new outlet for occasion clothes donated to Motherwell on Vinted.

For ways to support the charity, including becoming a sponsor, go to motherwellcheshirecio.com or call 01606 557666.