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The real view of Depression

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Depression isn’t just feeling sad for a reason, like you lost your job, or your cat died. Those things would make anyone upset. Depression is when youre so low, you don’t have the energy to physically get out of bed in a morning. When you feel numb, and it doesn’t matter what anyone suggests doing, you just cant. You don’t want to go for a walk, or to take the kids to the park. You don’t get any enjoyment from these activities anymore. 

It feels like there is a black cloud inside your head that is stopping any sunshine thoughts from making it through. 

You don’t have the energy or the inclination to wash or change your clothes, because what is the point? You don’t want to see anyone, and you don’t really care, because getting washed and changed is just too much energy and time you don’t have, when you could be in bed, or sleeping. 

Making a meal is just too much of an effort, and you live off convenience food, just to keep the hunger pains at bay. You choose cereal, crisps, toast. No fruit or veg in sight. 

The only thoughts in your head are those of self loathing and hatred. You wish you were dead, you think your family and friends would be better off without you. You contemplate the ways you could leave this world sooner. The ways you could stop being a burden to your family, because that’s how you feel. A burden. 
You cant function like a normal human being. You lose all of your drive and focus. You can’t concentrate on a TV show or a film as your thoughts drift, and your attention wont stay. 
Whilst not everyone feels this extreme, there are also others who feel differently, and those who are extremely high functioning, so they can get by day to day without showing the signs outwardly. 

If you think you may be depressed, please make an appointment to see your GP, and if there is anything we can help with, please email us at referrals@motherwellcheshirecio.com or call 01606 557666