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Conference on maternal mental health takes places in Crewe

Infant loss, birth trauma and postnatal depression are among the issues being discussed

The event takes place today (May 3rd) at the Crewe campus of Cheshire College South and West.

It’s being held as part of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week and will bring together women who have had experience of the issue, charities and statutory services.

The aim of the day is to raise awareness of the topic and the subjects of infant loss, birth trauma, Postnatal Depression, the way we talk about
birth and local priorities in Cheshire are all on the agenda.

It’s being organised by Motherwell Cheshire charity and will be opened by their Chief Executive, Kate Blakemore.

Talks and presentations will be given by:

  • Emma Chapman counsellor, trainer who completed a dissertation on maternal ambivalence.
  • Emma Harley, an ambassador for Our Missing Peace, whose daughter passed away at 18-months-old.
  • Dr Diane Speier who is the author of recently published book Life After Birth: Thriving in the fourth trimester.
  • Tracey Cole Commissioner for Women and maternity for South Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group.
  • The Midwifery team from Leighton Hospital maternity unit.
  • The team from Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Team.
  • Melanie English from Positive Birth Movement Crewe.

Organiser Kate Blakemore stated “I want the day to bring together all people that work in maternal mental health and women that are currently experiencing difficulties or have experienced in the past. We need to create services where women are offered the right support at their time in need.”

Dr Diane Speier stated “It is essential to raise awareness that perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD) are the most common complications of pregnancy and birth. My presentation on Birth Trauma Prevention offers a programme that can help prevent, and/or treat the effects of, birth trauma so that it doesn’t escalate to full-fledged PTSD.”

Motherwell Cheshire will also be offering a range of drop-ins throughout the week, giving away their self care bags to mums and raising awareness of the services that they provide. They will also be running an online campaign on their social media platforms, sharing stories, blogs, podcasts and promoting their services.

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