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#seeitbeit 2021 winners!

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We are pleased to introduce the winners of our #seeitbeit campaigns for Crewe and Winsford. They were all nominations from the local community, who were asked to put forward local inspirational women. A panel met and chose the winners, who were announced at our Women’s Day celebration. We are very grateful to both Crewe Town Council and Winsford Town Council for sponsoring the two campaigns.

They are:

Their nominations in full:

Sue Rodgers, nominated by Alison Langley who said “I am nominating Sue because she is a kind , caring and inspirational women who always goes the extra mile and volunteers in many ways in the local community including at her local church, for the Nightingales Choir and St Luke’s Hospice. Last year during the pandemic Sue helped out at her local GP Surgery as a Healthcare Assistant and enjoyed it so much that she decided to do her bit during Covid-19 and return to Nursing. After completing a course Sue regained her Nursing qualification and is now caring for local people at a GP Surgery in Crewe and is also helping to give vaccinations at local covid-19 vaccination clinics. Sue very much deserves this nomination and is an inspiration to others, returning to her Nursing Career during the pandemic and helping out where she can to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of people in her community.”

Nadiah McKeown, nominated by Nic Cooper – “When the pandemic started and lockdown began, I was terrified, but Nadiah set up a group of Facebook who collected food and dropped it to those in need, created a befriending service so that people could have someone to talk to. She coordinated volunteers to deliver leaflets to those who weren’t on Facebook, making sure the elderly and vulnerable were looked after. Thankfully I never needed to use the service, but many people did, and knowing there was people willing to help made things that bit easier. Without Nadiah setting the provision up, I would have had extra worry, and those people who needed help may not have got it. She’s a wonderful role model for all generations. I do not know her personally but via the group only.”

Lorriane Woolley, nominated by Ali Evans who said “Lorraine is the transition officer at NMC and has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep the young service users of NeuroMuscular connected. She is driven to inspire and encourage young people with muscular dystrophy (and similar neuromuscular conditions) to achieve both professional and personal goals. It’s not just a job to her, she truly cares about the wellbeing of the youngsters within our community and spends a great deal of her free time doing things to help them too. From creating projects to get young people involved in the daily operations of the charity, to running D of E sessions, confidence building workshops, virtual festivals, social get togethers and much more, Lorraine does not shy away from any project that could create opportunities for those she seeks to support. Having muscular dystrophy herself, she leads by example to show that disability does not have to be a barrier to success.”

Chloe Donnelly, nominated by 4 people including Victor Tindle who said ” A year ago she started her own tutoring business which she manages fantastically, giving so much time and energy to her student that she really cares about. She recently became qualified to teach English as a foreign language which is an amazing achievement. She cares so much about everyone, always making sure we know we can turn to her, and will help anyone she can. She’s honest about her experiences and empowers others to be the same. She became involved in local politics to help better her community and is doing a fantastic job so far. Her goal in life is to one day learn every language and her dedication and passion means that she is well on the way. ” and also by Charlie Mycock “amazing tutor”, Carla Zamiska said “Chloe is one of the most inspiring people I have ever known. From losing her mother at a young age to her battles with health, I’ve never seen anyone with such grace. She speaks many languages and has a successful tutoring business, spanning across 5 continents! Chloe is altruistic and kind, I could think of no one who deserves this more.” and by Alix Edmunds “She is a fantastic tutor, offering catered lessons to fit your level and age, is very patient, kind and knowledgeable. She’s amazing at helping when you’re struggling and a very warm person. ”  

Shereen Griffiths, nominated by Birgit Hankin who said “She has given 25+ years to all the young girls and ladies of Winsford and Middlewich. She has been a Brown Owl and region commissioner. She has helped to build our young girls into confidence independent young ladies who believe that they can do anything. She encourages the girls to try new things and takes them onto adventures. From Camping, short break holidays, days out and skill building. No child is left out. Some of the short breaks are the only holidays the girl would ever go on. Shereen has encouraged her girls to believe in themselves. Her young Brownies have also returned as adults to become leaders and young leaders to give back the skills they learned to the young girls of Winsford and Middlewich.”

Louise Tickle, nominated by Ella Tickle who said “Louise works for the NHS supporting children with learning difficulties and special needs, she goes above and beyond for the children and their families. In her spare time she is a coach at Winsford ABC Boxing Club and has been for many many years. She set up a women’s only class and has coached many Women how to box and mainly how to keep fit and does this for nothing purely just the fact she enjoys it and enjoys helping others. She went into a male dominated sport and environment and showed them how its done and encouraged many other women to do the same. In 2017 she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with her friend Carol, raising money for Ataxia, again showing us that you can do anything if you believe and are determined too. “

Dr Judith Anne Price, nominated by Jane Booth who said “Dr Price is a long-standing Winsford GP. She was one of the group of local Practitioners whose thoughtful collaboration made Winsford one of the first towns in the country to receive the Pfizer vaccination. Together, and with brilliant organisation, they ensured that around 1000 of the most vulnerable people in our town received their jabs, barely before the new year was underway. Dr Price herself gave my 82 year old mum both her jabs, remembering her name and reassuring her in the middle of that vast undertaking. Later in the month she was back in her surgery at Willow Wood giving me my flu jab on a Saturday morning, , asking me about work (I run a Primary school) and displaying the same calm, personal attention she always does, even in the face of the health challenges of a global pandemic. Dr Price has continued to provide an outstanding service in her surgery, alongside her team, despite the difficulties of the past year. She lives locally, is an asset to our town and an inspiration to anyone who aspires to be the best that they can be. “

Dr Violet Pritchard, nominated by Sue Piddock-Jones who said “Dr Violet Pritchard (‘affectionately known as Dr Vi’) was admitted to medical school in 1948 when only 10% of the students were girls. After working in several hospitals she decided to specialise in Child Health whilst working in Liverpool. She went on to become Senior Clinical Medical Officer for Child Health in Anglesea Dr Vi then moved to Cheshire, where she managed School Health and Child Health Services, working with children with special needs and supporting Social Services in Child Protection, Fostering and Adoption issues. During her career in child welfare Dr Vi worked closely with the NSPCC and set up a District Fundraising Committee. In 1981 she also set up and became Chair of a support group for the founding of St Luke’s Hospice which opened in 1988 and she was made Vice President in 2000. As a Soroptimist Dr Vi was Nantwich and District President twice and was also Regional President and Programme Action Officer. She was instrumental in setting up and leading a very successful Soroptimist project ‘SET up Science’ (SET standing for Science, Engineering and Technology) which ran in schools for 15 years. This innovative project provided a 10 day experience for young people and ran in conjunction with the British Association for the Advancement of Science. It received a Soroptimist International Best practice Award. Now in her 90’s Dr Vi is still very active and is a wonderful raconteur, telling her stories with humour and intelligence. She really is someone to look up to as a role model!”