Social Media and Overthinking

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One thing I always struggle with online is when someone doesn’t accept a friend request or they remove me as a friend. I can obsess over it for days, wondering what I’ve done wrong? Did I say or do something to upset them?

Inspire – An Adolescent Experience

I have suffered with my mental health since I was younger. I was bullied in high school for being too fat, for being too smelly, for being a slut, because my face didn’t fit and I wasn’t popular.

It’s Ok To Feel This Way

This day 3 years ago was very bitter sweet for me. My day started well and I woke to the great news that my son had got his first choice primary school.

Self Harm & Me

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I want to write about something I’ve never really discussed with anyone before, but is something really important, and we should talk about it more.… Read More »Self Harm & Me